• Planetary Gearbox 5:1 Ratio fitted Stepper Motor 15Nm Output

High Torque 30Nm high precision Planetary gearbox with better than ≥12 Arcmin Backlash and gearbox capable of 35Nm output
so with 3.1Nm would be approximately 15Nm Holding Torque. These gearbox’s are fitted with our 3.1Nm Stepper motor
for ease of construction whether you are looking for high torque or low backlash could be used to construct very high
quality 4th axis or better still 5 Axis machine.

Download:  Planetary Gearbox Motor V2
Download:  Planetary gearbox
DataSheet: 60BYGH301B 3.1Nm Stepper Motor
DataSheet: CW5045 Microstepping Driver
DataSheet: CW8060 Microstepping Driver
DataSheet: CW5045 Wiring Diagram
DataSheet: CW8060 Wiring Diagram

Nema23 3.1Nm High torque Stepper Motor 1.8 Deg, dual shaft with 1 year warranty.
High holding torque of 3.1Nm with is equivelant to 439 oz-in.
These motors are superb for upgrading your equipment to CNC due to there high torque and Nema 23 low profile.
High Torque with low profile compaired to Nema34 allows for lower start up inertia and normally better speed and acceleration due to less mass to spin.
Eight wire design allows for Bipolar Parallel and series connection, also compatible with unipolar drivers.
Can easily be paired with our 4.5 Amp Advanced microstepping driver CW5045 which has an amazing 100 KHz pulse input capability.
High quality dual shaft ready for resonance damping device or simple wheel or handle for manual movement encoders etc.
Don't compromise your design higher torque with good quality controller gives better resolution accuracy when using Mircostepping.


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Planetary Gearbox 5:1 Ratio fitted Stepper Motor 15Nm Output

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