No Volt Relay NVR 15Amps.

Power is fed to a NVR (no Volt Relay) which will turn itself OFF if there is a power failure and machine will not restart until Green power button is pressed this is recessed to help avoid accidentally turning power ON.
Also Red off button is protruding making it easier to power down machine in an emergency situation.
This can be very important as a normal mains switch will stay on and when power is returned either manually or automatically due to power outage being resumed machine could easily  start moving without notice and if a simple spindle setup where spindle is turned on with a locked power switch spindle will restart without warning.
This can be a real problem when using a Laptop as internal battery can  allow Mach 3 or other software to still be running if suitable precautions aren't observed to stop software when power has been lost, this also applies to computers running from an UPS (uninterruptable power unit).

Datasheet: NVR EMI Wiring Diagram

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No Volt Relay NVR 15A

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