1. Instruction

1.1 Overview

UK 2 HSS86 is a 2 phase Nema 34 frame size series Hybrid Stepper Servo Driver. It adopts new generation 32 bit DSP and vector control technology, which can avoid the stepper motor losing steps and ensure the positional accuracy of the motor. The torque reduction is reduced over conventional open loop stepper motor systems when running at higher speeds, therefore high speed performance and torque are enhanced. Meanwhile the current control is based on the load at any given instant which can reduce the running temperature of the Servo Stepper motor and also respond to transient load increases as the output current will increase to try and compensate for load fluctuations. The build-in encoder on the Stepper Motor in conjunction with the closed loop driver can generate an alarm output signal when position is lost or Stepper Driver goes into fault condition shutting down the driver until power is removed and reapplied. This signal can be used to stop the machine on error critical movements and can stop or reset machine this can save valuable time and or expensive material loss. Unnoticed position loss can cause batch production errors causing loss of time and productivity and where offsets and jigs are deployed, loss of tools due position error and damage to expensive Jigs. The closed loop system is an ideal for fault or position intolerant designs and have benefits of Servo motors with improved holding torque and slow speed torque over similar sized servo motors, and generally more cost effective depending on application and no tuning required.

1.2 Features

1.2.1 Stepper Motor closed loop system, never lose steps.
1.2.2 Improved motor output torque and working speed.
1.2.3 Automatic current adjustment based on load, lower temperature increase.
1.2.4 Suitable for all mechanical load conditions (include low rigidity belt drive systems using pulley’s and drive wheels), no need to adjust gain parameter.
1.2.5 Stepper Motors work smoothly with low vibration, high dynamic performance of acceleration and deceleration.
1.2.6 Very low vibration from high speed to zero speed.
1.2.7 Drive Nema 34 series motors from 4N.m – 12.5Nm closed loop stepper motor.
1.2.8 Input step frequency 200KHZ
1.2.9 16 microstep choices, ranging from 400 to 51200 microsteps / rev.
1.2.10 Voltage range: AC24~80V or DC30V~110V
1.2.11 Over-current, over-voltage and position ultra-difference protection function.

1.3 Applications

Closed loop stepper systems can be used on all kinds small automatic equipment and
Instruments, such as engraving machine, special industrial machines, stripping machines, marking machines, Dispensing machines, cutting machines, laser photo typesetting, graph plotters, NC machine, and automatic assembly equipment etc.

DataSheet:  UK 2 HS86
DataSheet:  8Nm Stepper Servo


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