Nema 23 3.1Nm High torque Stepper Motor Driver Kit

This Kit contains the following matched parts for your CNC project
Pictures are for guide only please check product info below as individual components may vary.

Individual detailed descriptions can be found for each Product

1 x 5 Axis Breakout Board
4 x Nema23 3.1Nm Stepper Motors
4 x CW5045 Microstepping Drivers
1 x 400Watt PSU 36Volts
1 x Mains Switch 
3 x Microswitches
1 x 5A 12 Way Terminal Block

DataSheet: 60BYGH301B 3.1Nm Stepper Motor
DataSheet: CW5045 Microstepping Driver
DataSheet: Breakout Board KK01
DataSheet: CW5045 + KK01 Wiring Diagram


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Stepper Motor Kit 3.1Nm x 4 Axis Nema23

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