• Planetary Gearbox 13:1 Ratio fitted Stepper Motor

These Gearbox’s  have a backlash of < or = 1.2 degrees which can give approximately 0.2mm backlash on a 20mm diameter pulley or gear wheel.
We are selling these until stock runs out for power or non 
high precision use.
We will not be restocking these items so grab a bargain.  

Planetary gearbox with a specially designed 1.8Nm Stepper motor pre fitted therefore alleviating alignment and construction
issues for ease of construction whether you are looking for reduction ratio for higher resolution when used with rack and
pinion drive mechanism and construct  4th Axis compared to simple belt drive systems.

Download:  Planetary Gearbox 13:1
Download:  Planetary gearbox PG56
DataSheet: CW5045
DataSheet: CW8060
DataSheet: CW5045 Wiring Diagram
DataSheet: CW8060 Wiring Diagram

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Planetary Gearbox 13:1 Ratio fitted Stepper Motor

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