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This will be a quick build kit where machine is preset up and just fitting spindle in prealligned mount, and all wiring running though preinstalled cable chains.
Assembly should be 1 to 2 hours connection time and setup memory stick for your computer computer running Mach3 as supplied with fitted UC400ETH motion controller giving a stable reliable ethernet connection. 

Typical lead time 5 to 10 working days.

Specifications: These will be confirmed soon (TBC)

Machine Dimensions(L x W x H) 1210mm x 1150mm x 720mm
Clearance Under Gantry 135mm (can be modified)
Table Size 975mm x 800mm
Weight Less Than 90Kg (TBC)
X Axis Travel 745mm
Y Axis Travel 665mm (TBC)
Z Axis Travel 145mm
Spindle Options Available
Input Voltage Standard 220 ~ 240VAC
Repeatability 0.025mm
Cutter Diameter 1 ~ 13mm
Motor Torque X Axis Motor 4Nm (Stepper Servo Option)
Motor Torque Y Axis Motor 4Nm (Stepper Servo Option)
Motor Torque Z Axis Motor 4Nm (Stepper Servo Option)
Ballscrews  RM1605
Linear Rails 20 Size HGR20
Linear Blocks 20 Size HIWIN

ERS8080 Video showing cutting a work hardened steel car disk being machined.


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