Desktop CNC Router.

More information and pictures coming very soon but you can see bigger machine cutting steel video you can pickup machine from our factory or we can get shipping costs for you.
This will be a quick build kit where machine is preset up and just fitting spindle in prealligned mount, and all wiring running though preinstalled cable chains.
Assembly should be 1 to 2 hours connection time and setup memory stick for your computer computer running Mach3 as supplied with fitted UC400ETH motion controller giving a stable reliable ethernet connection.  
Typical lead time 5 to 10 working days.


Machine Dimensions(L x W x H) 1210mm x 870mm x 720mm
Clearance Under Gantry 135mm (can be modified)
Table Size 975mm x 480mm
Weight Less Than 72Kg
X Axis Travel 745mm
Y Axis Travel 465mm
Z Axis Travel 145mm
Spindle Options Available
Input Voltage Standard 220 ~ 240VAC
Repeatability 0.025mm
Cutter Diameter 1 ~ 13mm
Motor Torque X Axis Motor 4Nm (Stepper Servo Option)
Motor Torque Y Axis Motor 4Nm (Stepper Servo Option)
Motor Torque Z Axis Motor 4Nm (Stepper Servo Option)
Ballscrews  RM1605
Linear Rails 20 Size HGR20
Linear Blocks 20 Size HIWIN

ERS8080 Video showing cutting a work hardened steel car disk being machined.


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